Lego - Harry Potter Hogwarts School

My Lego creation is Hogwarts Castle based on all the Harry Potter books. I came up with a front and back view of castle which shows important rooms where the story revolved. It has a library, a dining room, the Slytherin and Gryffindor houses, a hallway, and a potions class. The castle also has a tower with a knight statue on the top floor, a Dementor on the roof, and an attic with a mouse.

The front of the castle has three parts, the tower, the dining hall, and the Slytherin and Gryffindor houses. The back and sides open to show the details in all the rooms. The Library has 9 books total, a student, and a bench. The Hallway shows Harry and his Gryffindor friend talking. The Potions class has two desks and a potion shelf and a teacher’s desk. The Gryffindor house has the revolving fat lady portrait. The dining room has 8 seats, a glass of water, and a Slytherin banner. The other side of the banner is a Gryffindor banner.