Siraj's 100th Lego Creation

Congratulations!!! on your 100 Cool LEGO creations...

This is my 100th Lego creation. It is a very special moment for me. I came up with Lego creations that are bricks in the form “100”, all the minifigs are from my favorite themes such as, WWII, City, Pirates, Halo, Modern Warfare, and James Bond.
100 the Lego figure shows minifigs from the theme as described above.

No. 1 from 100th figure has James Bond w/golden gun (from the movie: Man with the Golden Gun).

The first zero from 100th figure has a soldier behind sandbags w/MG42, a modern marine, and a smuggler w/bat.
The second zero from 100th figure has an American soldier marching with M1 Garand, a Halo marine, basketball hoop & player, and a pirate w/ sword & monkey